How Better Organisation Can Solve Your Procrastination Woes

Guest Blog from Sarah Banks of Banks’ Business Solutions

Procrastination can be a struggle for many business owners. With so many tasks to juggle you can easily become overwhelmed and end up putting everything off to the last minute. In fact. I’ve often found that the more work I’ve need to get done the more of it gets done, there’s nothing like running out of time with important deadlines to focus your mind and get started!

But there are some tasks essential to your business growth that don’t come with deadlines and you probably have a list of these that have been waiting for weeks, maybe even months. Things like moving over from a spreadsheet to an accounting system, setting up a new social media channel or updating your website to attract more leads.

In this blog, I want to share some tips on how to organise your time and the systems you use within your business to blast through all your tasks and finally put that procrastination to bed.

Use a pomodoro timer to get started

I shared some great tips on time management in this blog a while ago, but the one I think that every business owner struggling with procrastination should try is the pomodoro technique.

That overwhelm not knowing when to get started, or which task to prioritise is often the biggest stumbling block when trying to beat procrastination. Sometimes you just have “to do the thing” anyway and pomodoro helps with that.

The pomodoro technique takes a block of 25 minutes, of which 20 minutes should be spent on a task and the remaining 5 is a break. This cycle is repeated until the 4th block in which you take a longer 20-minute break. The idea is that 20 minutes of highly focused time on a task can help you get started and achieve a lot during that time, and it’s difficult to justify to yourself why you don’t have 20 minutes to spare right now when you’re not doing anything!

I often find that once I’ve started a task I don’t want to stop, so promising myself that I’ll “just do 20 minutes” is a great way to beat that procrastination and get going on something I’ve been putting off.

Implement time-saving systems to beat procrastination

Sometimes it’s the grind of a task that can put you off getting started but this is where time-saving technology can help! Let’s take bookkeeping as a good example. Entering your monthly receipts can be a headache, and it can take up much of your valuable time. You perhaps want to outsource but can’t quite afford to yet, but there’s another way to blitz through this task – receipt apps.

Many of the top accounting systems like Xero and QuickBooks have their own smartphone apps that allow you take to a photo of a receipt and upload the details directly to your accounts. It takes just a second or two to review the information for accuracy before it’s recorded in your books for that month. Taking a quick photo as and when you get a receipt can ensure it doesn’t get lost and that you’re not faced with hours of bookkeeping at the end of each month!

There are many more examples where you can change your systems and business processes to reduce your workload around those energy zapping tasks you can’t help but procrastinate over, things like:

  • Creating email templates for common questions so you can copy and paste replies
  • Batch writing social media posts and scheduling them ahead of time
  • Using a task management system to keep on track and hold yourself accountable
  • Creating Canva graphic templates
  • Making your office paper-free so everything’s digital and easily accessible
  • Outsourcing minor tasks wherever possible

Just a few simple tweaks to the way you can work can make it easier, more enjoyable and give you less reasons to procrastinate over.

Procrastination is something we all have to contend with from time to time, but I hope my tips have given you some ideas on how you can banish it from your office so you really can take your business to where you want it to be.