How Outsourcing Helped Me Grow My Business (and it can help you too!)

Ask people about outsourcing and you’ll often get a marmite type feel to your answers. People will either say they love it and can’t imagine running their businesses without it, others will say it’s never worked for them and they don’t want to hand over key tasks to others.

While I understand each point of view, I have to say that I always recommend outsourcing to business owners. No one can do everything in their business. Even if you have all the skills and expertise necessary to complete each task, you haven’t got enough hours in the day for it all.

Outsourcing helps you to avoid entrepreneur burn out

Did you know that the World Health Organisation has officially recognised burnout as a medical condition? According to the WHO, burnout syndrome results from chronic workplace stress, feelings of fatigue and exhaustion, reduced professional efficacy, and an increased mental distance from your work.

In essence, the stress and energy required to take care of every aspect of running your business gets too much and your mental and physical health suffers as a result. Does that sound familiar?

It can happen to any of us, but there really is no need for it to when you can outsource those time-consuming tasks and chores that you hate. Paying someone else to take care of it will free up your time, reduce your stress and help you to focus on growing your business rather than feeling stuck inside it.

It’s not healthy or enjoyable staying up until the early hours to write a blog post or schedule social media posts, which is why outsourcing those tasks has helped me care for myself better by getting the rest and sleep I need, and enabling me to be productive on the tasks that will help me grow my business.

Outsourcing is about creating leverage within your business

Picture of a calculator to work out the true benefit of outsourcing to professionalsTime for some simple math here. Let’s take writing a blog post as an example:

  • How many hours would it take you to research, write and upload a blog post?
  • How much would those hours be worth to your business if they were spent with clients?
  • Now take away how much outsourcing would cost you to do the same task.

Let’s say 3 hours that your clients would pay you £60 per hour for = £180. Take away the cost of outsourcing the blog post – £100 – you’re potentially £80 better off by being able to spend that time on client work rather than your business.

But it gets better than that.

Outsourcing the blog to someone else has potentially earned you more money than it has cost straight away, but the results of that blog could earn you far, far more. If the purpose of the blog is to promote a 20x hour retainer and you manage to sell 2 on a 3-month basis, that’s a further £7200 hitting your business bank account.

Suddenly, that £100 cost for a blog posts seems very reasonable indeed!

You’re not just paying for someone else to do something for you, you are paying for their knowledge, skills and expertise. How could your business grow and develop by dipping into the talents of numerous other professionals?

Outsourcing helps you to maintain consistency

Do you have a “must do” list and a “should do” list?

How often do those tasks you put on the “should do” list end up forgotten about?

Most of us prioritise the tasks that will bring in the money and deliver what we promise to our clients, but often the tasks we relegate to the bottom of the pile are the important ones when it comes to business growth.

Bookkeeping might be dull and time-consuming but if invoices aren’t getting sent and paid, will your business cash flow be affected?

Marketing when you’re busy seems like a crazy idea, you don’t want more work than you can handle, right? But what happens when your projects have finished, and you don’t know where your next customer is coming from?

These tasks are crucial for any business and outsourcing will ensure that they get done every time and on time. If you know you’re not good at something or that you keep procrastinating, having someone else accountable for it will help you focus on other tasks and look at the bigger picture.

Outsourcing has allowed me to scale my business and free up time, so if you’ve been putting off outsourcing for a while and I’ve tempted you into giving it a try, why not contact me today to discuss the business development services I can take care of for you and introduce you to the freelancers and business owners I trust with my business tasks.