How to win more business and customers

If you want to know how to win more business in the ‘new normal’, here are a few top tips.

The COVID-19 pandemic has knocked everyone for six. The economy was locked down, businesses had to close their doors, and their staff forced to work from home.

As the UK starts to emerge further out of lockdown, many firms are looking at ways to win new customers and get their businesses back on track.

There are some tried and tested ways of doing this.

Diversifying your product or service offering, adjusting your pricing and exploiting new markets are just some of the ways your business can acquire more customers.

The challenge is keeping your new – and existing – customers happy and engaged, so they keep coming back for more.

Read on to discover how to win more business and grow your customer base.


Sort out your website

Your website is your brand’s shop window.

Often, it’s the first thing your potential customers see. It’s also usually the first place your existing customers will look for information and assistance.

So, look at your website through your customers’ eyes.

Is it up to date? Is the messaging still relevant to your business? Does it create an awesome impression and make visitors feel connected with your brand?

Will it make people want to come back?

If the answer to any of these is no, it might be time to refresh or upgrade.


Win more business with better communications

We live in a 24/7 digital society where everything is interconnected and instant.

The days of communicating with your customers solely through one channel – usually email – are long gone. Today’s customers expect to be able to engage with your business instantly, on whatever channel they are using. They also expect you to talk their language.

So, when it comes to your communications, are they helping you to win more business?

Do you really know who your customers are, where they like to hang out online and how they like to be communicated with?

Are you reaching out to them in the right way, using language and messaging that they can connect with?

If you’re not, you’re probably missing out on lots of opportunities to grow your customer base and increase your sales.


Encourage reviews and feedback

Customer feedback, particularly if it’s online or in the public domain, can be scary to many businesses. Bad publicity, after all, can damage your reputation.

However, knowing about how your customers relate to your products and services, and any potential problems or issues they are facing, is crucial to improving them.

One of the best ways of getting this information is through customer reviews and feedback.

The third-party endorsement that comes from a positive customer review is a compelling way of persuading new customers to buy from you.

The way you respond to – and learn from – a negative review will not only help you to portray a genuine brand image. It will also help your business to improve and add more value.


Win more business from your existing customers

While creating special offers or introductory promotions to win new business is all well and good, it’s worth considering how this may appear to your existing, loyal customers.

The key to long-term business development is strengthening your existing relationships to create greater lifetime value from all your customers. That means ensuring that your business, your products and services are as attractive to your existing customers as they were the first time they bought from you.


Don’t let your relationships go cold

Whether you’re looking to attract new customers or retain existing ones, it’s essential to keep all the relationships warm.

That means regularly reaching out to your mailing list and sales pipeline to keep your business and your brand in front of people.

For existing customers, that might mean making them aware of any new products and services you have, any exciting news or updates about your business, or even just touching base to say hello.

For new customers or prospects, it’s about keeping them engaged with your brand for long enough that when they are ready to buy, you are their first port of call.

Knowing who your customers and prospects are, having a calendar of marketing activities and keeping track of when you last engaged with them is crucial.


Stay competitive

The world of business moves fast, whatever industry you are in.

Trends come and go as tastes change and new solutions come onto the market.

It’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve.

No-one will know your market and industry better than you.

So, ask yourself, what are the latest products and innovations?

What are your competitors doing differently? What are your customers looking for?

Is there anything they want that you don’t currently provide?

Are you charging too much… or too little?

If you want to win more business, understanding your market and where it’s headed and knowing where the demand lies is essential.

Then, you can work out what you need to do to respond to your customers and prospects, to give them what they need.


Koa Consulting can show you how to win more business

The ‘new normal’ is upon us. Businesses of all sizes are adapting to ensure they are in the best shape to bounce back from the impacts of coronavirus.

Growing the size of your customer base, and getting more value from these relationships, is the key to sustainable growth.

Is your business ready to change?

We offer a full suite of solutions and services to help your business generate more leads, close more sales, maximise your customer relationships and achieve your goals.

We offer everything, from simple advice and support to give you a fresh perspective on your business, to a more in-depth and bespoke service tailored to your exact requirements.