How to automate your sales and marketing activities

Advances in technology and cloud computing have given businesses the ability to use software and technology to automate their sales and marketing activities.

Automation tools have become an essential resource for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, automation holds the key to streamlining your sales and marketing operations. This can help build a solid pipeline of leads and prospects and free up valuable staff time that could be better focused on other areas of your business.


Removing the hassle

Automation takes the hassle out of repetitive tasks such as email marketing, social media, sales prospecting and ad campaigns. It can help make your business more efficient and deliver a more personalised experience to your customers.

But automation goes far deeper than the software or technology you choose. While the latest apps and software packages make automation possible, without the right strategy in place, it can be doomed to fail.

The best automation strategy should be geared towards nurturing high-quality sales leads and providing a highly personalised customer experience. This keeps people engaged with your brand until they are ready to buy from you.

Good automation makes it easier to nurture leads into paying customers and convert those customers into loyal, long-term brand ambassadors. Driving customers who will return to your business over your competitors.

There are several tools on the marketplace – some free, some paid for – that can help supercharge your automation activities and maximise their success. In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few of the best pieces of software to automate your sales and marketing.


Automate email marketing using Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that allows businesses to send out customised communications to their customers and sales prospects, using a wide range of creative tools.

It allows you to segment your email database to target different groups of people, depending on where they are in the sales journey.

Mailchimp also includes several powerful automation tools as standard, to help you create flows which trigger communications based on specific user actions. This means you can map out your entire customer journey from start to finish and create personalised communications and experiences for your customers based on who they are and how they interact with your business.


CRMs to automate sales and marketing 

Many customer relationship management (CRM) systems on the market come with powerful tools to help you automate your sales and marketing activities.

One of the best-known and widely used CRMs is HubSpot, which can help you to understand and segment your sales database and customer journey. Helping nudge people along your sales funnel until they commit to buy.

With HubSpot, you can automate your email campaigns to move prospects further down the funnel and generate more qualified leads.

It enables you to create sophisticated, targeted workflows and give every contact in your database a personalised experience.

You can also use workflows to set up webhooks, score leads, rotate leads to sales, and easily manage your data in bulk by updating properties, copying values, and more.

And it will give your team full visibility over every interaction you have with a customer or prospect. Internal notifications for your team are triggered whenever a contact takes a noteworthy action, such as filling out a form, clicking a contact button or downloading a document. You can also use it to track if any of your leads have visited your website and when.

These actions can be automatically converted into tasks for your sales team to follow up on, to maximise your sales opportunities.

There are many other benefits to a well-implemented CRM too, that you can read in our Business Benefits of CRM blog here

Workflows through Zapier or Microsoft Flows

Zapier is a powerful online tool that helps to move information between the applications your team uses quickly and seamlessly.

By connecting your apps, you can automate your workflows to free up staff time and resource. Workflows can be started from any app – you simply define the trigger that sets it in motion and Zapier can do the rest.

It can connect more than 3,000 of the most commonly used web apps, including Facebook Lead Ads, Slack, QuickBooks, Google Sheets and Google Docs. This allows your team to perform a task in one platform and automatically send it across to other apps for further action or storage.

Microsoft Power Automate, meanwhile, is a similar, powerful workflow automation tool that helps businesses to improve productivity by automating workflows quickly and securely.

It allows users to build time-saving workflows into everything from individual tasks to large-scale systems with seamless integration, using hundreds of pre-built connectors.

This means that even people with no or limited coding experience can automate routine, time-consuming manual tasks, to help make their day-to-day roles easier.


Other free automation tools

There are a host of other free tools available which offer powerful automation solutions.

Drip is a free marketing automation tool that includes email builders, automation workflows and mass email marketing campaigns. It offers a full set of email and multichannel automated marketing tools. Along with personalisation and tracking tools, it can help your business deliver more relevant content to your audiences.

Zoho Campaigns is another marketing automation software that helps users with their email marketing. Its free plan allows users to send up to 12,000 emails a month to up to 2,000 subscribers before committing to a paid pricing plan.

Its workflow tool enables you to segment mailing lists based on the information you have about your contacts, so you can engage them with relevant content. It also helps with enhanced audience targeting and personalisation.

SendPulse, meanwhile, is an all-in-one communication platform that helps businesses to connect with their audiences on the channels they prefer.

It provides automation for email campaigns, SMS messaging, social media messengers and web push notifications. Enabling businesses to nurture leads in every stage of their sales funnel, and convert them into paying customers.


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