How will Apple’s new iOS security features impact email marketing?

Global tech giant Apple recently introduced a raft of new privacy features as part of its iOS 15 rollout.

They are aimed at giving Apple customers more control over their private data.

While the move should be applauded from a user perspective – after all, anything that helps cybersecurity has to be a good thing, right? – the new features could have an impact on your marketing efforts, particularly your email marketing.

Here, we look at what the changes are, what they mean, and what you can do to maximise the success of your email marketing activities.

What is Apple doing?

Apple’s rollout of its iOS 15 operating system has created a huge buzz in tech circles. It aims to offer Apple users a smoother experience when interacting with their devices and improve cybersecurity and data protection.

While most of the new features are nothing to worry about from a marketing perspective, there are a few things that you need to be aware of when it comes to running email campaigns for Apple device users. Some of the new features include:

  • Mail Privacy Protection: This new feature allows Apple Mail users to opt-in to enhanced mail privacy features that allow users to mask their IP addresses and stop senders from using invisible pixels to collect information. This prevents senders from knowing when their emails are opened, so they can’t be used to determine users’ location or associated with other online activity.
  • iCloud+: This additional subscription includes enhanced privacy features, including a private relay feature that prevents senders from tracking Apple users who opt-in and allows the users to see which websites they’re sending information to.
  • Hide My Email: This is another feature within iCloud+ that allows users to ‘cloak’ their email address so that when promotional emails are received, they can still see them, but the sending won’t be able to see the user’s actual email address unless they want to share it.

The paid features probably won’t have as significant an impact as the free features, as fewer people will pay for them. However, it’s worth being aware of all the features and how they may impact your email marketing activities.

How could the changes affect my email marketing?

Apple’s iOS 15 rollout went live in September, so the full impact of the new features on email marketers is still being assessed.

It’s important to note that these changes are positive from a user perspective and will help Apple device users protect their data and feel more secure. However, there are a few things you can already do to boost your chances of success:

Keep up to date

Although Apple’s new iOS 15 features are already in play, there’s still a lot to learn about how they could impact your email marketing activities. There are bound to be things people hadn’t considered or better ways of working as more information comes to light. So, keep your eyes on the marketing media and stay as aware and up-to-date as possible on what’s going on, so you always know the best practices and ways of working. If you use an email service like MailChimp or Hubspot, keep an eye on their blogs, as they will no doubt be updated with lots of helpful information about this issue as things progress.

Consider other platforms

It’s essential to keep in mind that Apple isn’t the only mobile email platform out there. In fact, it only has around a third of market share. That might sound a lot, but there are still plenty of users of Android, Microsoft, and other products. Each has its own privacy features, so know which does what and tailor your approach accordingly.

Change your goals

While information about open rates is still valuable, the chances are that a large chunk of your email audience might become untrackable due to these changes. So, if open rates are one of your campaign goals, it might be worth revising your targets down or setting other KPIs – such as click-throughs, web traffic, or unsubscribes – to measure the success of each campaign.

Optimise your content

Providing valuable content is still the most sure-fire way of ensuring people engage with your emails and allow them into their inboxes. So, focus on optimising your content to ensure it’s relevant and provides value.

Following the implementation of GDPR, the world of digital marketing is more ‘opt-in’ than ever.

If you provide content that people actually want to read, they’re more likely to opt in to allow you to keep in touch with them, and you can build your strategy from there.

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