Forests for the Future

mangrove trees
Courtesy of Ecologi and The Eden Project

Growing businesses and our own forest, all while reducing our carbon footprint! Growth without the cost.

Here at Koa Consulting, as business development and growth consultants, our focus is on the organic growth of our clients and small businesses. But, we are also strong believers in ensuring our impact here on our planet is minimal.

As a business, we’re passionate about the environment and wanted to do something which not only helps us to meet our CSR objectives but gives us the ability to create a more sustainable future for ourselves. And, more importantly, our clients.


Over the past few years, we have seen and heard the impact that global warming is having on the planet, even more rapidly than we had imagined. We want to ensure this beautiful planet of ours is left beautiful. Plus we are massive movie fans here and we’ve seen enough disaster movies to know that we probably wouldn’t fare too well in a post-apocalyptic scenario.


tree planting in Madagascar
Courtesy of Ecologi and The Eden Project

Going green and planting some trees.

So, as part of our ongoing commitment to CSR, every month we will be planting Mangrove trees, for Koa and each of our clients. This will completely offset the carbon footprint of Koa Consulting and will go a small way towards offsetting the carbon footprint of each of our clients, for as long as they are clients of Koa. This project not only plants mangroves but will also provide local communities with work.


You can see the Koa Forest and the impact we are having, following the link below.


We are working with Ecologi and The Eden Projects to plant the trees and reduce poverty in local communities. They are Gold Standard Certified, which means that every penny of climate and development funding goes as far as it can. Ecologi plants millions of trees every month on behalf of its supporters, as well as supporting a range of carbon reduction schemes.   You can find out more about their work here.

This means that if you work with us, we don’t just help your business grow naturally, we help minimise your environmental impact too


For more information, and to gift the planting of additional trees, visit

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi