Koa Consulting

The Koa is amazing.

It’s a fast-growing tree from Hawaii whose name, in its native tongue, means brave, fearless and bold.

It provides the perfect inspiration for everything we do here at Koa Consulting.

We work with businesses of all sizes to help them to be brave, fearless and bold, so they can achieve their objectives and grow.

Our highly-experienced team has worked in the business development arena for more than ten years, helping organisations of all sizes, across all sectors, to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of their growth and success.

From a simple review of your business and its pain-points to an in-depth strategy to help you transform your sales, marketing and customer relations, we can help you make your business better.

With Koa Consulting, your growth comes naturally.

Jade Brindley


Jade is the founder and managing director of Koa Consulting.

She loves working with businesses to help them grow and succeed.

With a long career in business development, leadership and support at some of the East Midlands’ most prominent organisations, Jade understands the importance of strategy and how it works across a business. She launched Koa Consulting to help businesses navigate the business development ocean.

By working with you and your team to get under the skin of your organisation and gain a deep understanding of your business, your customers and your processes, Jade will develop a clear and simple strategy to help you make your business better.

She provides the glue that brings your sales, marketing, customer retention and account management together, to help you spot and make the most of opportunities to achieve your business goals.

East Midlands Chamber Member

We are proud members of The East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, they are the leading business representation organisation in the East Midlands region, the voice for business and previous British Chambers of Commerce Chamber of the Year. Working alongside the Chamber means we have access to a large network of businesses as well as ensuring our voice is heard in government. We are passionate about supporting the growth of our region and by being a member allows us a platform to support many other businesses locally.


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