I’ve worked in business support and business development for over 10 years and during that time I’ve worked with organisations across a range of sectors. What I learnt was that they all faced the same obstacle. Ok, they came at it from very different positions but the question was the same. How to grow the business sustainably while maintaining quality, keeping clients happy and standing out from the crowd. All this while juggling the day to day running of a business. It’s no easy task, even for the best plate spinning extraordinaire.

A good business development strategy is more than just sales, it should be stitched into the fabric of every department. I help develop the uniqueness of each of our clients, help win and keep more customers and maximise your business relationships, creating long term value.

I launched Koa Consulting to support businesses navigate the seemingly endless ocean of business growth options. I help organisations to establish a clear and simple business development strategy that is tailored to your needs, working with your team and understanding your specific target market.

I am a successful Leader with expertise in sales, business development, account management, negotiation, relationship building and profile raising. I love talking to business owners and senior leaders about their businesses and I am passionate about good customer experience and business growth.


Jade Brindley

Managing Director